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  • How to reduce the use of materials and of packaging for production of disposable feminine care pads?
  • How to reduce the quantity of disposed feminine care pads?
  • How to decrease emissions related to transport, packaging and disposal phases of disposable feminine care pads?

SUSTABS PROJECT aims to be the key to these questions

On this site you can find out more about our project, the novel technology, latest news or how to contact us.


Sustabs Project at SUSTAINABLE CITY 2012

Our project has been shared at the 7th Intenational Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability ôSUSTAINABLE CITY 2012ö organized in Ancona (IT) on 7-9 May 2012 by the Wessex Institute of Technology - Southampton UK.
The conference has been attended by delegates arriving from all around the world

On May 9th, our Project Leader Giovanni Carlucci has presented paper " New Technologies for Feminine Hygiene Products with Reduced Environmental Impact".

For more info about the conference
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Celebration Day for the 20th anniversary of EU LIFE program

25 - 5 - 2012

Universita' degli Studi di Brescia - FacoltÓ di ingegneria

The University of Brescia organized an event to celebrate the 20 years of LIFE+ program.
Our SUSTABS project has been present at the event with its Project Leader Giovanni Carlucci who shared a poster with the project objectives and expected results.
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